The farm

4,5 ha ( 3,5 ha of apple trees and 1ha of vineyard)

For the AOC vineyard, 100% tannat vine For the orchards, old local varieties (Anisa, Eztika, Erri Sagarra....)

Equipement : Tracked vehicle, tractor, picks, press, vats, pumps, barrels, shears... and hands!!!
The production activity :

January- February-March :

Outside : the pruning of the vines and the orchards. The grafting of the old varieties of apple trees.
At the store house :  wine making process, cider making process, bottling.

April-May-June :

Outside : flowering time, upkeeping of the plots of land, land tilling, trelissing
At the store house : bottilng, cabonation, aging.

July-August :

Outside : land tilling, trimming, pruning
At the store house : tourist activities at the farm

September-October-November-December :

Outside : picking (grape and apples)
At the store house : press, wine making process, cider making process, apple juice making process.


Domaine Bordatto
64220 JAXU
Tél : +33 5 59 49 18 22