Cidre Basque fermier -  Domaine Bordatto

50 cl bottles - 16% vol

JOKO "Le jeu"
pronounced "djoko - The game"

Natural sweet wine Made from tannat grapes, picked from a mature vineyard, muted with apple spirit.

Very old vineyard grown on a steep slope, in organic farming, farmed in a traditional style by hand since it is difficult to use modern technics. Low yield (20 hl/ha maximum) Bedrock consisting of dolomite. It’s the combination of 2 fruit : the apple and the grape from Bordatto. Grape picked by hand, maximum phenolic ripeness (very ripe tannins) muted on grape marc. Short fermentation for a fruity flavour. Distilled cider, aged for 24 months in 2-year-old barrels. And after 2 years of work by the vineyard, the orchard and the still, JOKO was born.

Tasting :

Best chilled as an aperitif, otherwise it goes well with a blue-veined ewe’s milk cheese or a chocolate dessert. Only time will tell if the JOKO keeps well… if we don’t drink it all before.

Domaine Bordatto
64220 JAXU
Tél : +33 5 59 49 18 22