Cidre Basque fermier -  Domaine Bordatto

dry cider, pure juice 75 cl 8.5% alcohol vol
Pressurized bottles

Pronounced “tchalparta”

Has a distinct apple fragrance yet stays complex thanks to its roasted undertones. The fresh and dynamic start gives way to a beautiful metallic flavour that ends with elegant tannins. The bubbles stay delicate.

Selected from two varieties of local apples: apez sagarra with a tannic body and great finesse, its intensity and aromatic expression are generous, and eztika for its fruitiness and completeness.

Cider Making Process :

Slowly pressed, cleared, then fermented in barrels for 5 months, use exclusively indigenous yeast cultures. The dregs stirred by hand with wooden pole. Carbonation occurs naturally in the bottles for 2 or 3 months (the fermentation finishes in the bottles without adding liquid sugar or yeast).

Tasting :

It tastes like a finely polished dry white wine. It goes well with simple fishes and seafood , some types of Bayonne ham or basque pork, white meat and certain types of cheeses (goat, soft cheeses) Drink chilled, store the bottle away from light at a temperature below 15°-16°C. Every bottle is dated.

Domaine Bordatto
64220 JAXU
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