Cidre Basque fermier -  Domaine Bordatto

Semi-dry cider, pure juice 25 cl - 6.5% al. vol

pronounced as it looks

“bottoms up” in basque. Very fruity, refreshing, drink it as often as you can.

The Navarrans defeated the Moors in 923 CE and mocked the ridiculous war cry the enemy monarch shouted before the battle. In French its “que l’on mette la claque” or “let’s put a beating on them” With a very strong Mediterranean accent. It sounded like “kilimiliklik”. As the warriors had crossed the very dry Andalusia desert. The war cry has been translated into “bottoms dry” in French, or “bottoms up” in English.

Tasting :

Serve chillded, (about 7°C) Store the bottle away from light at a temperature below 16°C

Domaine Bordatto
64220 JAXU
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